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Corporate team building in the Alps

Teambuilding aziendale e workshop

Dai energia alle tue squadre

Ispirati dalla natura, offriamo attività che esplorano come portare sostenibilità e nuove prospettive alla tua organizzazione e ai tuoi team

"Peak2Peace developed a remarquably innovative teambuilding approach that invites to observe and integrate the experience, solutions and collaboration mechanisms developed by trees and forests over 350 millions years , that are on display for everyone's inspiration. Working with them has brought resilience, inclusion, interconnectivity and better collaboration in my teams with a focus on what makes sense for them"

Carsten B., managing director

"Our teams particularly appreciated the two days spent at the Combe de l'A to observe and hear the deer rut in a preserved nature. The activities and the excellent meals shared contributed to consolidate our team spirit and gave a well-deserved breath of fresh air to all."

Richard V., Client team director

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